2014 Goals

3 month goals Strict Diet Change from April 8-June 30th, NO cheating Exercise 3 days a week 1 long walk, bike ride or hike a week for enjoyment Water intake to 100 oz a day consistently. Complete 1 mile run without stopping or discomfort.  Run/Walk 5k in May with my sister. Prep foods on Sundays and […]

New 90DC, New Goals

This years 90DC is near and its caused me to stop and reassess where I am, how I have changed and what I need to change to reach my goals. It has also made me stop define my new goals. 2012 Recap: I won the 90DC which was amazing, because it gave the the opportunity to keep […]


Yes, I am doing this for myself. If I am not making the changes for myself, then they wont last. I know WHY I am doing it.. but man does it get hard some times. People say I have been doing it (paleo/working out) for a long time, but in reality its really only been 8 […]

Its kinda ironic…

It should say: “Don’t worry.  I have my Garmin.  I’ll tell you when to stop running.” 🙂   Carly sent me a message the other day asking if I was intersted in running further than a 5k with her and Mary on Saturday.  I’ve now run a 5k about 6 times and after doing it […]


Yes, I post pictures of what I am eating. Yes, I post about what my workouts are gonna be, how I did and how I felt about them. Yes, I post about how sore I am. Yes, I tell you when I’m going for a run, and when I get back. Yes, I tell you […]

Back on track

So I was of track for a few days… Not horribly but I had some candy, a burger w bun, potatoes at Easter dinner…. And I felt like crap after each Time… But now I’m back on track and ready for part 3. Days 180-270:) ending on my birthday June 30th! My wrist is still […]

Not giving up… just realizing where my focus needs to be.

So I unfortunately have stepped down from the Next Top Coach Challange. It was a really tough decision because it is something I really wanted, but right now I just dont have the time to commit to the process. This time of year is really busy at work, and between night time paperwork, fitting in […]