food log


Well I just woke from a 4hr “nap” and Will go back to sleep when I’m done posting. Yep 730 and I was asleep on the couch… Fingers crossed I’m not getting sick…. But I’ve been really tired the last few days and wanting crappy food.. It’s been a struggle. I feel like my progress […]

Good choice for a Rest Day….Day 12

I planned on taking today as a rest day… it was a busy day for work…. so when i looked at the WOD last nite .. boy was I glad… 100 burpees… YIKES! To those of you who went in and hit it… props to you!!!! As for me… it was a busy but productive […]

I love when I get in the cooking mood…Day 11

So I got home from work today and started looking to make something for dinner….. and ended up making a bunch of different stuff for the week. .. I love when i get in the cooking mood… i just hate the clean up after! But now I have a fridge full of small little “quick […]

Could have done more… should have pushed myself…Day10

Super busy and long day… but I was able to fit in the noon wod and then make up Grace at 1. I did well.. but I think I could have pushed myself more.. guess I was “saving” something for Grace.. and then during Grace it was fear of failing, after yesterdays mental frustration with […]

Did I really just do that? Day 6 of 90

Did I really just go and run outside… while not being chased?? I really did that on my own free will?? Did I really run 1.17 miles and only stop once, because Matty begged me to stop because HE was tired??? YEP!!! One of my goals was to run .5 mile without stopping at the […]

Lacking in the “sleep” area.. but still a great day! Day 5 of 90

Well I couldnt get to sleep last nite.. I know the last time I looked at the clock it was 2:55am.. and I woke up for work at 6… 4 hours of sleep is soo not enough for me.. and it reminds me why I only had one kid! Anyways, it was a rought start […]

I surprised myself with my cooking today! Day 3 of 90

First day back to a full day of work in 10 days… I’ve worked a bunch of half days but never a full day where I had to prepare and bring food. That has been my challenge since I’ve gone back to work…. so I premade some meals and packed my lunch last nite along […]