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About Me

I am not a doctor or a nutritionist or a fitness professional. I am a 30+ single mom who has struggled with weight my whole life. I tried tons of  “diets”, played sports and even had a few personal trainers. But nothing worked.    I was introduced to Crossfit by my brother and tried it for a few months, but was honestly intimidated and let my lack of confidence get the better of me.  I kept thinking “I can’t” and “I’ll look dumb if I have to scale”… so I went less and less frequently.  Finally I stopped.   A few months went by and the owner contacted me (shocking right?) and asked where I had been.  Could a “gym” actually notice that someone hadn’t been in.. and CARE???   I had missed  doing the WODs, so I thought why not.. ill give it another shot.  This time however I didn’t care that I had to scale.. at least I was in there trying, right??… and each day I found myself getting better and sucking less.  I started looking fwd to seeing what the wods were, and actually not skipping the classes that had running and burpees and boxjumps!  Yes, I had to scale them.. but I wasn’t going to get any better by sitting on my butt at home.  Guess what.. I’m getting better at them  (well maybe not the running :)!  I miss days that I have to skip going to hit a workout. .. yep I’m addicted.

With all the working out, I still wasn’t losing any weight.. I felt better but the scale just wasn’t moving. FRUSTRATING.  The coaches kept asking me how my eating was.. and I’d say “getting there”.  Ya it was getting from my plate to my mouth. I was making some small changes but I guess in a way I wasn’t fully ready.. fully committed.    One day after talking to one of the coaches something changed and I realized I HAD to change. Even if it was one thing I started with. We decided first I would take out the grains/pasta/breads.  Pretty much what I lived on.    Well I did it for a week and it wasn’t as hard as I expected. It made me plan and prepare.. but it wasn’t too bad.    I also found myself cutting out the process food subconsciously.  The next week the coach and I sat down and he reviewed my food journal.  Had to make some tweeks, but he seemed pretty happy with my choices.   2 more weeks went by and I had also cut out the dairy.  I was in all sense eating paleo.  Meats, veggies and some fruit.   I see the list of “recommended” meats, veggies and fruit… and try to stick with them… but I figure if I atleast but everything else out Im still better off.

I find myself cooking ALOT more. I forgot I liked cooking and am pretty good at it. Ive been searching for some good recipies and I figured I would create a site to keep track of all the links, and why not sure it with others. My friends have asked me about Paleo so I’ll put some links about it as well.

It’s been about 3-4 weeks since I started eating Paleo.. and have lost 13lbs. Its not all about the weight loss (even though I am ecstatic to see the scale drop)… I am preforming so much better in my workouts and just FEEL BETTER all around.

Do I “cheat” once in a while, yes.  But honestly, I don’t miss the pasta or breads. And I’m starting to make paleo treats to fill my “sweet” needs.

Like I said its only been a few weeks and Im for sure no expert, but hope people find the links helpful.


One comment on “About Me

  1. Love this! Please keep posting! It’s authentic, and informative. It sounds just like you!

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