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2012 90 DC

Albany Crossfit / Crossfit Clifton Park

After 90 Days a Panel of Judges will vote on the following criteria:

Before and After Pictures

Working out:

How many WODs did you hit per week?
Did you attend any specialty classes?
Did you incorporate active recovery days


Did you keep a food log?
How strict was your nutrition?
How many cheat days did you have?

Random Challenges:



Goals for myself during for the Challenge:

Get 20in box jumps

Still not there yet, but Im on a small box about 16 inches

10 pull ups with only the green band (I just moved down to Green/Red)

10 with blue and def stronger without.. im actually moving alitlte bit when I pull without a band!!!

110lbs press

90- but I sprained my wrist so have had to decrease weight.  I have finally gotten the push press though!!

Improve my form especially on cleans (actually get under the bar instead of just muscling it up)

Improving, and still working on it.  Ive gone to some OLY and Ladies Night Classes

Run half mile without stopping (what can I say I HATE running)

Ive done four 5k’s baby!!! J  Also Signed up for Freihoffers Run and a Mud Run. And do a Morning Mile 4 days a week J

As far as weight loss… I know it will be slower than the last 3 months… so I will say my goal is

lose 10lbs

Lost 17!  (down  53 since mid September)

go down one pants size


Start of 90DC End of 90DC
Arms 14 13
Thighs 26 25
Chest 46 44
Waist 44.5 41.5
Weight 202 185.5

Total Inches lost – 7                              Total Weight Lost – 16.5

Start of 90DC End of 90DC
Grace #85 4:44 ; #65 2:04 #65 1:34
Fran #65, ring rows  4:04 #85, ring rows 4:36
Cindy 15 16 rounds  + 9
1RM DL 275 290

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