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Day 1


So today was officially day 1 of this new journey.  I actually woke up rested and excited. I did good  throughout the day but once I got home and was sitting at the computer to write reports I got that “i need something sweet”, “I need something to snack on” urge… so I went and grabbed some beef and green beans.    About an hr later.. still working on them… that urge came again… then I remembered they told me.. Eat as much as you want, as long as its on program… so I went and got a groundbeef/ tomato sauce/corn mixture.   That held me off for a while.  Phew!   But then I was itching for my “sweet” again.  So I went and used some listerine… wash that urge out of my mouth right?? Worked for a while.   Went and got Matt and urge was there again .. I was now craving a Dunkin Donut coffee.. light and sweet ofcourse… but I didnt do it.. I made a cup of hot green tea and added some lemon to it.. and its never tasted so good!!!!  The little things in life!!!      So day 1 is done, and Im headed to bed… SO happy that I did all my prep last night because the next few days I have a feeling Ill be eating alot while I detox the sugar!!!


Breakfast- egg muffin with peppers and onion

Snack- ham with tomato

Lunch- beef with beans

Snack- Beef w beans, seltzer

Dinner- ground beef and corn

Snack- Hot green tea with lemon

Exercise- None today… I was suppose to run but needed to get these reports done. Tomorrow Xfit.. no excuses!


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