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Third time’s a charm??

Accountability… I need it. I need that check in with others to help keep me on track. Everyone says “you need to do it for yourself” and that is true.. but some of us just need that  “crap so and so is gonna ask how Im doing with my goal and I dont wanna fail”.

Its now been 2.5 years since I lost my weight the last time around.. and within 9 months I had gained it back.. Why? Because for me it was “All or nothing”… well I need to change that thinking.  I know what works for me, what my body responds to . I know how I feel when I eat well and exercise. I also know how I feel when I eat crap and sit on my butt.   What I “forgot” was that once I reach my goals I can have A treat here and there and still go back on track. If I am trying to lose weight and even have a few bad days.. the next choice is MINE to make.. I can chose to stay fat and uncomfortable, or I can make the choice to get healthy and feel good.

A year ago my mother began her journey to being healthy. She went from overweight and tired all the time, and on all types of medications for diabetes,  and unable to walk up stairs without feeling winded… to being in the best shape that I ever remember her being! She looks great, feels great, and her attitude is amazing.  It took alot of hard work and determination, mostly through diet… and she chose to be hypnotized to help her mind get on track.   Well she is my inspiration. I never thought hypnosis would work.. but it proved to work for her… so…. today I go get hypnotized.

I am going to to http://thekeyhypnosis.com/ out in Springfield.  I go today and next week, then skip a week and then will go one last time. Im not sure exactly what goes on, my mom wont tell me much as she wants me to experience it on my own.   But I do know that afterwards they have you do a restricted diet similar to Paleo.  Basically its equal amounts of protein and vegetables.  There were a few random things thrown into the mix as well… not sure why some were approved, maybe to make life easier, who knows.

I have done paleo before, and rocked it… its about getting your mindset and making sure you are always prepared.  I love fresh food and feel so much better when i eat that way… its all mental for me.. the letting go of the control that I “cant” have ice cream or bread anymore”, and changing those thoughts to “Im choosing to have kale chips because I like how my body feels better when I eat them”.  Changing my mindset about what I want to control!

So that is where my “diet” status is right now.   I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was nervous. I’m nervous I am going to fail, and let everyone down. I’m nervous that it wont work this time around and my hopes to get back in shaped wont work.  I need to change those thoughts into “screw you fat, you are going away for good”.


As for the gym. I am now at Crossfit518 in Schenectady.  Its nice and close to my house and small classes with cool supportive people. My goals have changed. I really dont care about the “crossfit” stuff… boxjumps and pull ups and burpees.  My body is shot (another thing the change in diet will hopefully help with).  I now speak up and scaled or sub things that just dont work for my body right now. I know the difference between.. this sucks and no one wants to do it, and it will hurt when Im doing it; and this sucks and my body will hurt for days after due to injury.  The coaches, Andy and Aaron, understand that and are willing to work with me.

CF518 is working on strength and the 5-3-1 method right now.. loving it! They also have strongman equipment and I just did my first return to strongman comp this weekend and loved it!!!

I also started a Couchto5k program with my sister Colleen. It suck. My calves keep cramping up.  My goal honestly is to run a mile again without stopping. Change in diet, less inflammation, and lower body weight will help with all these things.




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