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Its kinda ironic…

It should say: “Don’t worry.  I have my Garmin.  I’ll tell you when to stop running.” 🙂   Carly sent me a message the other day asking if I was intersted in running further than a 5k with her and Mary on Saturday.  I’ve now run a 5k about 6 times and after doing it […]


Yes, I post pictures of what I am eating. Yes, I post about what my workouts are gonna be, how I did and how I felt about them. Yes, I post about how sore I am. Yes, I tell you when I’m going for a run, and when I get back. Yes, I tell you […]

Back on track

So I was of track for a few days… Not horribly but I had some candy, a burger w bun, potatoes at Easter dinner…. And I felt like crap after each Time… But now I’m back on track and ready for part 3. Days 180-270:) ending on my birthday June 30th! My wrist is still […]