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Not giving up… just realizing where my focus needs to be.

So I unfortunately have stepped down from the Next Top Coach Challange. It was a really tough decision because it is something I really wanted, but right now I just dont have the time to commit to the process. This time of year is really busy at work, and between night time paperwork, fitting in […]

Returned to CCP today!

Woke up at 8 this morning.. and could have easily skipped my run. My legs were sore from yesterdays prowler… but I put my sneakers on and off I went. 10:30 for my mile today… not bad.   I feel so much better after my run. Even if it is “only” a mile.   Its kinda funny […]


Woke up this am and did another mile loop. This time in 9:20… About a 2 min pr!! Getting out of bed is the hardest part… But it’s nice to start my day w exercise …. No I don’t yet “like” running… But I like how I feel after. I like the feeling of knowing […]

Morning Running?

So last night I had this bright idea that I would try and get up and go for a run this morning.  Amazingly.. it actually happened. I have to say my alarm went off and it was still dark out.. and I waited til it started to get bright to get out of bed! By […]

Frustrating WOD

Bear Complex… clean, front squat, press, back squat, press, repeat x7. No time limit, no AMRAP, no RX weight.. just about doing your best.   Then why did I leave frustrated??  My top weight tonite was 65#. It was the weight I had in my head going into it.  So I should have left feeling satisfied right? […]

At the end of the day.. does your time REALLY matter?

Running a 5k in the rain isnt the most fun thing in the world.. but it wasnt the worst either.   I started out with a pretty good pace but then saw someone starting to fall behind the group.  I could have kept going.. but I didn’t. I stopped and decided to run with this person.  […]

The 5k WOD I USE to hide from!

So I just wrote a great blog about the upcoming 5k tomorrow.. and it didn’t save… guess it wasnt so good afterall.  Basically I said this …. If you are thinking you CAN’T you are probably WRONG.  Just keep asking youself if you REALLY need to stop. Most of the time.. the answer is now.. […]