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Deal with whats thrown at you!

Ofcourse the one day I dont have my gym bag in the car… I get a cancelation during “strongman time”.. with plenty of time to attend it and get to my next kid.  And luckily I had enough time to also run into Marshalls and get some clothes!    Lesson learned.. ALWAYS,  ALWAYS, be prepared! So […]


Woke up to a mess from the dog, running late, and then Matt forgot his lunch. I come home on my lunch break to write a report and see Matt purposely left his jacket on the front porch.. so didnt have one on today! Crappy Day! I then hit the WOD at 4.. usually leave […]

Back on track and ready to move forward!

Stuggling is a normal part of this process. We will all be there.. some of us may struggle for longer than others, and some may struggle with different things. It may be with your diet, it may be with getting your wods in, it may be with movements, it may be mobility, or it may […]

I was.. I am

So Jay and Leb announced the newest challenge. To compete to be the next intern at ACF. When I heard that the first thought that came to mind was “How freeking cool would that be?”… but then my self doubt came into play… “You dont have proper form on a bunch of lifts, and hell […]

Feeling good :)

Life is good… my “baby” is home, after being gone the last 4 days, visiting his grandmother in Plattsburgh. The first day it was a nice break, and the second was even “ok”.. but by the third day I was for sure ready for him to be home.  When he was away I took advantage of […]

Freeze Game

Last nite at the 90 Day Challange Chat, Jay has us play The Freeze Game. We closed our eyes for 30 seconds and wrote what were were thinking, feeling and doing.   Then we were told to write 3 goals for the next 6 weeks. One fitness, one life and one nutrition.  Then what was REALLY […]

Struggle with Rest Days

I know it sounds weird.. but I HATE takings rest days. Taking rest days is needed to let my body recover.. I know that… but I HATE TAKING THEM!  I’m the first person who will tell someone to listen to thier body, and take rest. But  Im the type of person who likes routine.. so if Im […]