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rest day bordom

No really.. I am trying to think of something to write.. but Ive got nothing.. Today was a rest day after hitting the wod and skills friday, wod sat, and wod and strongman sunday.. it was needed… Ok so it wasnt a rest day… i went for a quick run at Globo Gym.. and hated […]

WOD, StrongWOman and realizing I deserve it!

So I hit the 11 WOD – 95# power cleans and ring rows… didnt seem bad… and then I chipped through each 3 minute round… my abs are already sore so tomorrow should be interesting… wod was tough but overall un notable! Strong(wo)man was filled with some ups and down. First of all I have […]

Tabata Hell!

Started my day out with the 10am WOD… Tabata This… more like tabata Hell. Worst part of the wod.. the push ups for sure.. I was able to get 10 the first 20 seconds.. and up until about round 5.. then it was 6, 6, and 5… I seriously was fighting with everything I had […]

Short and sweet

Figured Id quick post about the wod and food intake! Filthy 50… well the name fits…. I dont remember the last time I was dripping sweat.. ya I know its gross… but it happened.. to many of us today!  I finished in 24:59 and was happy with that… I did 50 of all except burpees […]

Second guessing myself …screw it!

SO over the last few days I seriously thought about dropping out of the Tri-State Throwdown… I have plenty of reasons… ok excuses… I need that money to pay for my car, my shoulders tweeked, and Im just not at that level yet. I even emailed Kevin to see if I could get my money […]

Stressful week to say the least.. but I havent caved in!

Its been a stressful week to say the least.. and I am proud to report I have not given in to my urges to eat a gallon of Ben and Jerrys or a bag of peanut butter M&M’s. However tomorrow I think that wine will be calling my name. Ive now tried to write this […]

Motivation and Encouragement part 2

I know I posted about Motivation and Encouragment yesterday… but I have more.. that I felt needed to be noted. My number 1 motivation and encouragemenet comes from my son Matt. Many of you have seen him around at ACF or CCP. He use to tell me all the time that I was fat… I […]