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Change for the Better

A few fitting videos from Journey… as I continue on this journey! It’s my life, it’ll change for the better I’ve faced the light It’s worth the fight See a new day Start a new way Get it straight Make it change for the better     Advertisements

Dec 31 NYE “what’s the worst that will happen?”

Well I went and took the Gymnasty Class this morning… All work with the rings…. All things I SUCK at! I gotta Say Kia is great though and I feel I def took away some. We things from the class. After it I def feeling it in my arms and shoulders… And really thought about […]

Dec 30. NYEE!

Might as well start posting now! B- 3 eggs cooked in bacon grease and a banana L- 3 slices turkey breast, handful almonds, 2 stalks celery D- Salad with steak (@Friendly’s… And yes is skipped the ice cream) Workout- 9am WOD consisting of KB snatches and lunges and then burpee box jumps Thought of the […]

Success happens when you put your mind to it!

Woke up this morning…got on the scale and was happy (ok a little more than happy) to see the scale back at my “pre holiday” weight! 5 lbs gone this week with a little planning, prep, hardwork and belief!


The last 3 months have been.. well… life changing 🙂 Its amazing how much can be done in 3 months. Im getting prepared to participate in a 90 Day Challange through Crossfit…. one way to keep me on track!   My goals for myself during for the Challange: Stick to how I have been eating […]


March 2011 – My first WOD           * Why didnt anyone tell me how bad I looked?? I can NOT believe I am even posting these! July 2011- Yep I QUIT Crossfit after 2 months and  this was right before I started back up! GROSS! Thanksgiving 2011 – Had been eating Paleo Since the end […]